The Jazz Fauré Project recordings:

  • Au bord de l'eau (French impressionism meets American jazz)
  • By the Riverbank (the songs of Gabriel Fauré swinging in English)
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    The Jazz Fauré Project: Au bord de l'eau


    A cabaret confection of French Impressionism and American Jazz.
    We're singing in a Renoir painting and giving the 19th century hit-tunes of Gabriel Fauré the velvet treatment-from swing to bossa, from wistful ballad to snappy joie de vivre. For classical music and jazz lovers alike!

    Performed by some of Chicago's finest jazz musicians and cabaret singers —arrangers Dennis Luxion and Bobby Schiff on piano, Jim Cox on bass, Tim Davis on drums, Jerry DiMuzio and Tim McNamara on flute, clarinet and saxophone, vocalists Sean Harris and Claudia Hommel.

    • Adieu
    • Après un rêve
    • Au bord de l'eau
    • Les berceaux
    • Chanson d'amour
    • Clair de lune
    • Ici-bas! & Les feuilles mortes (Kosma/Prévert)
    • Lydia
    • Mai
    • Mandoline & Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter)
    • La mer est infinie & La mer (Trenet/Lasry)
    • Nocturne
    • Notre amour
    • Les présents
    • Les roses d'Ispahan
    • Le secret
    • Spleen

    BY THE RIVERBANK: The Jazz Fauré Theatre Project

    Fauré's classical love songs now swinging in English, with lyrics by Arnold Johnston (of the acclaimed Brel piece: Lonesome Losers of the Night) and Claudia Hommel. Whether the Jazz Fauré Project has a future on the musical theatre stage, recital hall, or jazz room, here are eighteen Fauré masterpieces and an ensemble of show-stopping singers to take it on the road!

    BTRB (64K)
    The vocalists are Johnny Rodgers (who recently toured in duo with Liza Minnelli and as jazz ambassador to Asia), award-winning cabaret artist KT McCammond, John Eskola, Sean Harris, musical theatre favorites Amanda Hartley, Jeny Wasilewski, Sean Effinger-Dean, acclaimed singer-pianist and composer Elizabeth Doyle and Paris-born Claudia Hommel.
    And we have a lineup of Chicago's top jazz musicians: arrangers Dennis Luxion and Bobby Schiff on piano, Jim Cox on bass, Tim Davis on drums, Steve Roberts on guitar and mandolin, Jerry DiMuzio and Tim McNamara on flute, clarinet and saxophone.

    The project draws accolades from jazz, classical and pop music lovers alike. We especially appreciate the opinion of Jean-Michel Nectoux, biographer and editor of the works of Gabriel Fauré, Institut de recherche sur le patrimoine musical en France.
    Reviewing both Jazz Fauré albums, Nectoux writes:

    J'écoute vos disques avec grand intérêt ; je trouve les arrangements excellents, comme les divers instrumentistes : ils ont un grand sens musical ! Le plus étonnant est Sean Harris que j'aime beaucoup, belle voix, beaucoup de sensibilité chez ce géant et un français parfait ! J'aime les titres que vous chantez à l'unisson avec Sean ; l'idée de Au bord de l'eau en duo est très logique. ...Je ne suis pas choqué par les versions en anglais, c'est autre chose et plus naturel pour les chanteurs et le style de la musique. ...Dans le style jazz j'aime beaucoup la voix grave de KT McCammond.
    I listened to your albums with great interest. The arrangements are excellent as are the various instrumentalists : they bring great musical sensibility. Sean Harris is amazing. I like him a lot; what a beautiful and sensitive voice from this giant; impeccable French. I love your duets in unison with Sean; the idea of Au bord de l'eau for two is very logical. ... I'm not at all shocked by the English versions; it's a different thing, more natural for the American singers and fits the style of music. For the jazz stylings, I like very much KT McCammond's deep voice.
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    • By the Riverbank
    • Always
    • Lydia
    • Melancholy
    • Loving You
    • Roses of Esfahan
    • Tears of Gold
    • Mandolin
    • The Secret
    • May
    • Here On Earth
    • Setting Sail
    • Gifts
    • The Cradles
    • After a Dream
    • Nocturne
    • The One I Love
    • Adieu