The Jazz Fauré Project

J'écoute vos disques avec grand intérêt ; je trouve les arrangements excellents : ils ont un grand sens musical !
The arrangements are excellent : they bring great musical sensibility.

Jean-Michel Nectoux, biographer and editor of the works of Gabriel Fauré, Institut de recherche sur le patrimoine musical en France.

With the nudge and encouragement of so many Jazz Fauré fans, Claudia has resumed work on a musical theatre play inspired by the songs of Jazz Fauré. Stay tuned in 2021 as we develop the play for a reading in the fall.

What happens when Pygmalion's model bites back? In Summer on the Seine, Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" comes to life, one Saturday at a time, at an inn on the Seine in the 1880s. Lydia tempts René as a model, only to redesign his wardrobe. In a world of rebellious art and modernity in music, three women—painter, actress, seamstress—figuratively remove their bustles to become models of their own possibilities, singing the songs of Gabriel Fauré with a twist of jazz.
Claudia will be working with dramaturg Cheri Coons and arranger Bobby Schiff to bring the work to life. We'll prepare a demo recording of the songs with new lyrics by midsummer. If you are interested in perusing the work in progress, please call Claudia at 773-509-9360 or write to clobert (at)!

Meanwhile you can catch Claudia at upcoming shows listed at the cabaret-paree calendar.


Concept led by Claudia Hommel
French impressionism meets American jazz: songs of 19th century French composer Gabriel Fauré are arranged for 21st century jazz combo and vocals, and why not? Our music is full of color and light and fleeting spontaneous gestures. Romance, cynicism, ardour and dreams.

By the Riverbank, the classic love songs of Gabriel Fauré swing in English.
Songs composed by Gabriel Fauré
English lyrics by Arnold Johnston.
Arrangements by Dennis Luxion and Bobby Schiff. Here's the lineup of fabulous singers—KT McCammond, John Eskola, Amanda Hartley, Sean Harris, Sean Effinger-Dean, Jeny Wasilewski, Elizabeth Doyle, Johnny Rodgers and Claudia Hommel.