From Presenters and fans:

About the recording

A fun mix of cabaret, jazz, and Fauré
For all who have fantasized about jazzing up art songs, try this CD of a group who has done it. The singing is cabaret-influenced light jazz style, while the rhythm section plays straight-ahead jazz in very witty and delightfully clever arrangements.
CDBaby review by Rose Marie Chisholm (University of North Texas)

Listening to the album, I'm in my own little jazz club and even whistling along. It’s a joyous, positive experience!
Barbara Wanke, Chicago

Quite a production, indeed. The music with the varied accompaniments definitely takes on a layer of coloration that's appropriate to the project. What was impressive is the naturalness of the approach; there seemed to be a found logic just waiting to be released. I admire your skill ...and salute you for the striking accomplishment.
Richard L. Eastline

J’ADORE votre Fauré CD, s'il s'usait à force d’être écouté, il le serait! Quelle créativité et bon gout! La voix de Sean Harris est magnifique, avec tant de couleurs et styles differents. Votre français à tous les deux est parfait et très bien articulé. Bref un vrai chef-d’oeuvre! J’en ai acheté 2 samedi mais il m’en faut plusieurs autres. Bravo à tous.
I ADORE your Fauré CD; it may just get worn out from repeated listenings! What creativity and taste! Sean Harris's voice is magnificent, with such a range of colors and styles. Your French, both of you, is perfect and so well articulated. In brief, a real masterpiece. I bought two copies last week but need several more.
Nadine Deleury, principal cellist for Michigan Opera

About the performance:

It all began with a discussion around Fauré ...[While serving as Consul General in Chicago] I was invited by Claudia to sing "Clair de Lune" and had so much fun that I decided to plunge back in the French melodic repertoire. Claudia is a very talented person, fully dedicated to her music. She has an amazing ability to act and sing at the same time—and to guide others in doing so. She has a deep understanding of how to combine words and music with charm and ease, which is more difficult that you might think, especially in classical music. On the top of this, Claudia is a wonderful person. For her, music, friendship and beauty are a way of life, a philosophy, and she excells at sharing these great values with her fans, thus helping to make the world a better world".
Jean-Baptiste Main de Boissière, French Ambassador to Ecuador, 2010

Your work is outstanding and you are a joy to work with!
Carolyn Brode, Performing Arts Manager, Gorton Center, Lake Forest, Illinois

What a special treat last night was! You all sounded so HOT!
Christopher Kennedy, resident keyboard technician for The Metropolitan Opera House and creator and performer of the cabaret play, "Pulling Strings"

It felt so good to host an event that has some real soul.
Norah Delaney, Program Director, Alliance Française, Chicago

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