2004: Dennis Luxion arranges 12 JAZZ FAURÉ songs

2005: Tour to New York City, Triad Theater and a Village jazz club

2006: Bobby Schiff arranges a second set of songs. We record with 2 voices and 4 musicians

2007: CD release of JAZZ FAURÉ album at HotHouse

2008: Jazz Fauré tours to Paris under U of Chicago auspices

2009: Arnie Johnston adapts the lyrics to English, Amanda Hartley writes a script

2010: August, Two staged readings by local Equity actors at Stage 773

2011: September, Recording BY THE RIVERBANK released at Jazz Showcase

2014 and 2017: Claudia attends Cheri Coons' Chicago Dramatists "Story into song" workshops

September 2020: Claudia completes her draft

December 2020: First review of draft by Cheri Coons

Winter 2021: Arranger/composer Bobby Schiff appends the new lyrics to 14 songs. Transcribes and arranges 8 news songs

Spring 2021: Initial table reading

Spring-Summer 2021: Singers record 8 new songs and 14 new lyrics to previous tracks for a producers demo.

Fall 2021: Table reading with all songs. Colleagues to observe and give feedback. Start shopping the script to potential producing theatres.