April 2009—At the Evanston SPACE performance, admirers-in-the-know suggest "running" the project by creating a musical theatre version. Inspired, Claudia writes an initial outline of characters, place and time.

Fall 2009—After several months of research (including a trip to Paris and the original Maison Fournaise!) Amanda writes first draft. Arnie digs into adapting the lyrics.

January 2010 —Claudia and Amanda amend first draft for grant submissions.

May 2010 —Work on script revision begins in earnest, with a major assist by Arnie Johnston and Debby Percy. A big decision is made at the first meeting of Amanda, Claudia and the directors (Lara Filip as stage director, Elizabeth Doyle as musical director, Bobby Schiff on additional arrangements): to replace the 20th century songs that had been part of the original Project with new arrangements of additional songs by Fauré.

June 10, 2010—Johnny Rodgers, direct from his "wow-them" début at New York's Algonquin Hotel, is confirmed to play "Johnny Menard".

June 14, 2010—A table reading brings together most of our cast members, a room full of top of the line musical theatre folk.

June 27, 2010—A Kickstarter campaign is launched and over $500 is raised on the first day! Onward to raising $6,000.

July —Individual rehearsals begin in earnest and Bobby is working away at new arrangements

August 1, 2010 —Tech rehearsal
August 2 and 3, 2010— Public readings at the Theatre Building in Chicago

August-September, 2010—Planning the next steps:
Recording The Jazz Fauré Project Volume II: Summer on the Seine. Goal is to launch it in time for Valentine's Day 2011.
Creating a touring theatrical Song Cycle of Summers on the Seine
Revisiting the script for a "book musical" based on the songs.